week-end lessons

On Saturdays and Sundays

For those who prefer to ski during the week-end, the ESF La Foux d'Allos offers "Week-End" group lessons.
Each lesson lasts 2 or 2h45 hours and takes place on Saturdays and Sundays.

Don't forget skis and shoes for your children (no poles or lift pass needed)

HOurS week-end lessons children

saturday                                                                       sunday *

MORNING                        AFTERNOON                         MORNING
All the season
From 10h to 12h
From 23/12 to 05/01
                                          From 13h45 to 16h30           From 9h15 to 12h
From 13h45 to 16h30
From 06/01 to 09/02
                                          From 13h30 to 16h15           From 10h15 to 13hFrom 13h30 to 16h15
From 10/02 to 09/03                                          From 14h15 to 17h               From 9h to 11h45From 14h15 to 17h
From 10/03 to 14/04                                          From 13h30 to 16h15          From 10h15 to 13hFrom 13h30 to 16h15

rates 2 hours lesson

                                                         From 3 to 6 years old
Piou-Piou Club
Saturday Morning
28 €
"Flocon", First Star and Second Star
Saturday Morning*25 €

rates 2h45 lesson

                                              From 3 to 6 years old
Piou-Piou Club
Saturday Afternoon36 €
Sunday Morning36 €
Sunday Afternoon36 €
"Flocon", "Flocon", 1st, 2nd and 3rd star
Saturday Afternoon*33 €
Sunday Morning33 €
Sunday Afternoon**33 €
*not available saturdays 29/12, 5/01, 9, 16 et 23/02 ** non disponible hors vacances scolaires